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ABA Therapy in Wheaton

Often times, children will start ABA therapy as young as two years old. Depending on what the Board Certified Behavior Analyst recommends, these services may be ongoing for multiple years. When that's the case, you want your therapy provider to be close by for your convenience.

ABA Therapy Clinic near Wheaton

Apex's newest ABA therapy clinic is just south of Wheaton so we are close at hand if you choose to have therapy sessions done in-clinic or if your BCBA recommends it. This brand new clinic is colorful and engaging, with play equipment, themed rooms, and more. Are you looking for therapy sessions in Wheaton itself? Look no further!

In-Home Therapy Wheaton

If you are looking to schedule therapy sessions at home, our RBT certified therapists and BCBAs can come directly to you. Whether you are in Wheaton or anywhere else in the Chicagoland area, we can come to you. If you want ABA therapy in-home, in-clinic, or both, being in Wheaton places you conveniently near our clinic.

ABA Therapy Near Me

While proximity is an important factor when selecting an ABA provider, it's not the only aspect to look for. Apex Pediatric Therapy Services near Wheaton wants to be there for you. Our therapists are fully trained, have years of experience, and love what they do. Whether you're looking for ABA, Speech therapy, or Occupational therapy, you and your child are in great hands at Apex Pediatric Therapy.

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