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Our Therapy team provides a comprehensive set of services which are designed to maximize each child’s greatest potential, and to deliver the best outcomes.individualized attention in order to achieve their maximum level of independence. Through our individualized services we work to reduce behavior, speech and occupational challenges and increase skills important to improving daily quality of life. 

We promote independence, strengthen skills and support the individual

ABA Therapy Near Palatine

We understand the importance of creating a treatment program that is individualized to your child's needs, strengths and challenges. We focus on overall development of the child by incorporating various teaching procedures which include problem solving, communication skills, impulse control, and social interactions.  An ABA Program is typically comprised of following steps:

  • Diagnosis and Assessment

  • Customized Treatment Plan

  • Social Skills Training

Various approaches to therapy are implemented based on individual child's needs. This includes:


  • DTT-style programming

  • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

  • Natural Environment Teaching

Occupational Therapy Near Lisle

Children with autism have higher probability of sensory processing problems which means that they can’t filter out extraneous sensory stimulation or don’t process sensory stimulation in the same way typically developing children do.


Our occupational therapy practitioners can address these sensory issues and equip parents to manage their child’s behavior more successfully. Based on the results of the evaluation, our licensed therapists will use advanced techniques as well as an Individualized Treatment Plan to help your child develop fine motor grasping skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing, and cooperative play skills, and reach maximum independence in all activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy Near Morton Grove

Our Speech Therapy Services Include:
 * Speech TherapyStuttering

 * Voice Disorders
 * Articulation
 * Oral Myofunctional Therapy (tongue thrust)

 * Expressive Language
 * Verbal Apraxia
 * Receptive Language

 * Unintelligible Speech
 * Oral Motor Skills
 * Pragmatics

 * Improper Social Use of Language
 * Auditory Processing Disorder
 * Reading Intervention
 * Dispense SpeechEasy anti-stuttering device

 * Other Speech and Language Problems

Parent Guardian Training Near Gurnee

ABA therapy is a collaborative effort among the therapists, parents, and any other caregivers the child might encounter. We believe in sharing our techniques with the families of the child to promote generalization of skills learned in therapy. 

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