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Apex Pediatric Therapy Services provides behavior analytic therapy consultation services to schools for students between the ages of 2 and 18 years. Although services are geared towards learners in special education, they can easily be adapted for learners in a general education classroom if needed.


Consultation services include but are not limited to:

1:1 Individual Child Support  

  -Behavior intervention plans

  -IEP goal writing assistance

  -Developmental milestone assessments (VB-MAPP)

  -Functional behavioral assessments (FBA)

  -Token Economies

  -Academic task measurement and analysis

  -Social stories


Direct Classroom Support

   -Classroom set-up for reduction in maladaptive behaviors

   -Development of behavior protocols

   -Train your staff to implement the protocols

   -Collect data to understand cause of behaviors


Teacher/Paraprofessional training in ABA techniques

Some topic may include: 

   -How to develop effective Behavior Intervention Plans

   -How to implement Behavior Intervention Plans

   -How to identify functions of Maladaptive Behaviors

   -How to manage problem behaviors in the classroom

For pricing or to schedule consultation services for your school district, please contact us at (847) 604 0955 or

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