Apex Pediatric Therapy Services provides behavior analytic therapy consultation services to schools for students between the ages of 2 and 21 years. Although services are geared towards learners in special education, they can easily be adapted for learners in a general education classroom if needed.


Consultation services include but are not limited to:

1:1 Individual Child Support  

  -Behavior intervention plans

  -IEP goal writing assistance

  -Developmental milestone assessments (VB-MAPP)

  -Functional behavioral assessments (FBA)

  -Token Economies

  -Academic task measurement and analysis

  -Social stories


Direct Classroom Support

   -Classroom set-up for reduction in maladaptive behaviors

   -Development of behavior protocols

   -Train your staff to implement the protocols

   -Collect data to understand cause of behaviors


Teacher/Paraprofessional training in ABA techniques

Some topic may include: 

   -How to develop effective Behavior Intervention Plans

   -How to implement Behavior Intervention Plans

   -How to identify functions of Maladaptive Behaviors

   -How to manage problem behaviors in the classroom

For pricing or to schedule consultation services for your school district, please contact us at (847) 604 0955 or

Apex Pediatric Therapy Services

Providing ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis), Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy to children and adolescents in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, McHenry and Will Counties.  


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