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How to Get An Autism Diagnosis

Autism Diagnosis Chicago

Getting an official Autism diagnosis is often times the first step one can take before looking for any treatment. Making this a very important step. We're going to tell you why it's important, who to talk to about getting a diagnosis, and list some specific places to get a diagnosis if you're in the Chicagoland area.

Why an Autism Diagnosis is Important

Different autism treatments such as ABA therapy can be very costly due to the usage of highly qualified BCBAs and RBT certified therapists. But with insurance, ABA therapy becomes much more affordable. However, insurance will only approve coverage for these types of treatments once you have an official letter of diagnosis from a qualified professional. It also has to be a recent diagnosis, typically within the last 2-3 years. This is the best way to ensure your insurance provider will cover pediatric therapy for your child.

Who Can Diagnose Autism?

There are numerous types of doctors that are trained to be able to diagnose ASD. You may already be in contact with a pediatrician that is able to. Types of doctors to look for are: developmental pediatricians, child psychologists, or child psychiatrists. Once you locate a doctor who can specifically perform a diagnosis, they can commence with the assessment and provide you with a full psych report for your records.

Here are a few offices in the Chicagoland area that can perform an Autism diagnosis:

What to Do Once You Have a Diagnosis

Once a doctor sends you a letter of diagnosis, you're going to want to locate a service provider. If you are in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, you can call Apex Pediatric Therapy Services to provide ABA therapy for your child. If you are elsewhere there are going to be plenty of friendly clinics in your area to choose from. Once you have talked to a provider and wish to move forward, you will send them the psych report that contains the diagnosis and they will send it to your insurance company with a request to have a BCBA do an assessment. From there, we or your selected pediatric therapy provider will take care of the rest to get ABA sessions started for your family. If you have any questions, call us today to ask about ABA therapy services.


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